On Saturday, March 30, the Russian army carried out, most likely, one of the largest tank assaults in 25 months of full-scale war. The Armed Forces of Ukraine defeated the enemy column near Avdiivka. 

Forbes writes about it.

The authors of the news agency note that a third of their tanks were left on the road west of the ruins of Avdiyivka after the assault.

"The costly attack (by Russian forces - Ed. at the time of the capture of Avdiyivka in mid-February - mostly infantry was deployed for an offensive west of the city," the article says. 

Another trend is that the Ukrainians

were able to defeat such a large and well-armed Russian army. 

"Despite difficulties with a lack of key munitions, Ukrainian brigades are still capable of a 

tough defense -

 often using a combination of mines, artillery, anti-tank missiles and explosive drones," - emphasizes Forbes.

A drone operator of the 36th Marine Brigade of Ukraine wrote on a page in X Kriegsforscher that the Ukrainian 25th Brigade spotted a column of 48 units of heavy equipment and hit it. 12 tanks and eight infantry fighting vehicles were withdrawn. 

Forbes journalists write that it is not clear how the 25th brigade destroyed a record-breaking Russian tank column, but they suggested their version.


Standard defense tactics of the Ukrainian forces 

is to use drones to detect a Russian assault group and destroy it with well-aimed artillery fire. Artillery scatters Russian equipment. Disorganized survivors become easy targets for FPV drones that attack individual soldiers and vehicles. Mines and anti-tank missiles can increase the carnage," the authors of the publication write.

We will remind, according to ISW, the Russian army may launch a large-scale offensive in the west of the Donetsk region.