The operations were carried out in Dragichyn, Malarit and Lelchytsy. According to the authors of the tape, the performers received an order from the Ukrainian special services to make caches in Belarus and hide there the explosives transported by the performers from the territory of Ukraine.

In the third plot, citizens of Ukraine appear - father and son



Paval Kabarchuki

, who allegedly transported explosives from Ukraine to Belarus. The KGB and state media reported on the detained Kabarchuks back in February this year. During interrogation on the video camera, Siarhei Kabarchuk explained that he had the task "to smuggle explosives into Belarus".

Yevgeny Gruk

appears in the story from Malarita

, who says that he photographed military facilities in Belarus on the instructions of the Ukrainian special services and had the task of going to Russia to Moscow and St. Petersburg to photograph military facilities there. Gruk also said that the Ukrainian special services offered him the task of deploying a drone on the territory of Russia.

The interrogation of another person shown in the film -

Sergey Yeromeyev

, is interrupted in the film by footage of the consequences of the explosion of a railway tank.

Sergei Yeromeyev was arrested in Russia in December 2023. He is accused of organizing the detonation of two freight trains in the BAM tunnel in November 2023, as a result of which the highway was paralyzed.

Russian special services reported that Yeromeyev received the explosives in Belarus, and then transported them to the Far East of Russia.

In March, it was reported that Yeromeyev is in the "Lefortova" pre-trial detention center in Moscow.

In the tape of ONT "Zachistka" it is reported that he received explosives from the Ukrainian special services.

It is worth noting that nowhere in the tape does it say that the explosives were supposed to be used on the territory of Belarus.

The veracity of the information voiced in the tape may be questioned. Since the beginning of Russia's full-scale war with Ukraine, the Belarusian authorities have been conducting a campaign to discredit the Ukrainian authorities and state bodies. A feed shown on ONT may be part of this campaign.