People will get a house of 350 square feet, which will also have toilet and bathroom...

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The digital survey of Dharavi for 'Dharavi Redevelopment Project', a joint venture of Adani Group and Maharashtra Government, has started from today. Documents are being collected for this project from today. After this the eligible and ineligible people will be decided. The government is surveying Dharavi for this redevelopment project, hence Maharashtra Security Force has been deployed for security. NDTV reached the area where the survey team is collecting people's data and learned how the digital survey is being done for the 'Dharavi Redevelopment Project'. Ground report of this digital survey from Dharavi... 

After the digital survey of Dharavi, the government will also verify the documents. Teams of Dharavi Redevelopment Project and Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA) have arrived for the survey. Let us tell you that the numbering was done on March 18 and now the documents are being reviewed from April 1. It has started from Kamla Raman Nagar area. There are some 395 ground structures in this area.   

GROUND REPORT: Digital survey started for Dharavi redevelopment project, local residents said - "Dream will be fulfilled..."

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A digital survey has started from today to determine the eligibility of citizens living in Dharavi, Asia's largest slum. Under the protection of Maharashtra Security Force, many government teams are doing the challenging work of digital survey in Dharavi, Mumbai. The government is conducting a survey of Dharavi and all the data is being uploaded on an app. This is happening for the first time that both eligible and ineligible people will be given houses. Eligible people will get a house of 350 square feet, which will also have toilet and bathroom.

Social Development Officer Prakash Motkate, who is conducting a digital survey in Dharavi, told NDTV, "The numbering work has been completed in Kamala Raman Nagar, after this the door-to-door survey has started. During this time, we are providing information to the people living in the house. "Complete data of the house is being collected. In this, documents like house papers, electricity bill, Aadhar card etc. are being collected. Biometric data of the members of the house is also being collected."    

Prakash Motkate said, "5 teams are engaged in survey work in Kamala Raman Nagar. One team is responsible for 10 houses. It is taking about 20 to 25 minutes to conduct survey in one house. Here the government is The survey is being conducted by DRPPL, PMC and Genesis. He told that those who are living before January 1, 2000, will fall in the eligible category. This survey may take approximately 8 months to complete. 

Nilima, who has been living in Kamla Raman Nagar, Dharavi since 1992, said, "We have given the documents of the first survey of Kamla Raman Nagar. Its Aadhaar card, PAN card, Voter ID card have also been given to the survey team. Survey Team The people cooperated a lot. After the survey, now it seems that we will definitely get a house. Earlier also we were shown such a dream, but now the way the work is being done, it seems that our dream will definitely be fulfilled this time. will be. 

Meanwhile, Bhavna Sawant, who lives in Kamala Raman, said that we have been living here since 1993. The survey of our house has been done. Now it seems that our dream will be fulfilled. We will also get a good house. We have given all the documents to the survey team. 

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