Russia plans to cut daily diesel exports from key western ports in April to a five-month low. This happened after attacks by Ukrainian drones on Russian oil refineries and a sharp decrease in the rate of crude oil processing.

Bloomberg writes about it.

According to the publication, loading of diesel fuel from the three main ports of the Russian Federation on the Black and Baltic Seas, including some volumes coming from Belarus, will fall to approximately 2.29 million tons this month.

This equates to just over 569,000 barrels per day, down 21% from actual daily exports of around 724,000 barrels from the same ports in March.

The publication noted that the Russian Federation is cutting diesel fuel shipments by sea after weekly crude oil refining rates fell to a 10-month low following Ukrainian drone attacks. 

In addition, seasonal maintenance, which will continue until the summer, is also temporarily reducing the throughput capacity of some Russian refineries and putting pressure on national diesel fuel flows.

Due to Western energy sanctions, Russia no longer supplies diesel to Europe. Nevertheless, experts predict that a reduction in exports from the Russian Federation may increase volatility in the global fuel market, which has already suffered from attacks on shipping in the Red Sea.

Strikes on Russian refineries. Photo: EnergoBusiness

It will be recalled that on March 22, the British edition of the Financial Times reported that the US authorities allegedly called on Ukraine to stop attacks on Russian oil refineries due to fears of a significant increase in world oil prices. 

In particular, as a result of an attack by Ukrainian drones on the night of March 13 at the oil refinery in Ryazan, which is the largest enterprise of Rosneft, two primary oil processing units were damaged.

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