A 17-year-old Syrian died while illegally crossing the Bulgarian-Turkish border. This was reported by the "Mission Krile" foundation. A pre-trial proceeding has been established under the supervision of the District Prosecutor's Office in Yambol, BNT reported.

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Migrant crisis 1521

A dead migrant was reported to all institutions on Saturday. According to Mission Wings, the deceased is 17-year-old Fadi Abbas Al-Daher from Syria. The young man was without relatives and crossed the border with other migrants. A few kilometers from the furrow, his health deteriorated and he died.

At the beginning of a wooded area, the group of migrants leave their companion, the 17-year-old young man, and bury him with identifying marks, writing down the coordinates of exactly where he is. The location is found between the Bolyarovo villages of Malko Sharkovo and Mamarchevo. The site was inspected.

"They said the body is in a sleeping bag and it's quite far from here and that's why we have the cooperation of the police to help us to be able to transport it," said the paramedic who is helping local people.

The body of the migrant was taken to the Yambol morgue. Work is underway to determine the cause of death. According to initial data, there are no signs of violence. The most likely cause of death was exhaustion.

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