These days, big programs like Regional Industry Conclave, Vikramotsav and Vikram Trade Fair are going on in the city of Lord Mahakal (Ujjain).

On Friday, Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Dr. Mohan Yadav inaugurated all these events.

In a series of programs, CM Mohan Yadav had arrived in the evening as the chief guest at the Vikramotsav cultural program organized in Ujjain, where he enjoyed the brilliant presentation of the famous bhajan singer Kanahiya Mittal.

First watch Kanhaiya Mittal's presentation...

Participation in 'Vikram Cultural Festival' organized in Ujjain #Vikramotsav2024

— Dr Mohan Yadav (@DrMohanYadav51) March 1, 2024

Our country defeated the invaders with strength, intelligence, bravery and bravery: CM Mohan Yadav

After listening to the bhajan, CM Mohan Yadav said that on behalf of the Madhya Pradesh government, Kanhaiya Mittal ji salutes and congratulates you for the music that Kanhaiya Mittal ji has shed on the first day of 'Vikromotsav'.

Along with this, he said that Mokshadayini Ujjaini, the city of Baba Mahakal and Emperor Vikramaditya, gives an opportunity to come here after many births.

The flag of culture has been flying in our country since time immemorial.

Our country has defeated the invaders with strength, intelligence, bravery and bravery.

The Chief Minister said that humans keep coming and going in the world, but culture always remains present.

God taught us to endure hardships and fight by doing many pastimes.

The world knows India by the name of Ram Krishna.

The invaders came and attacked the culture like flood waters, but like the splash of water, the invaders were also defeated back.

Our temples were built during the rule of the Mughals.

Mata Ahilya renovated the temples and also built Ahilya Ghats on the rivers.

In this program, melodious bhajans were presented by famous bhajan singer Kanhaiya Mittal.

After that, the Chief Minister congratulated bhajan singer Kanhaiya Mittal and said that his bhajans infuse enthusiasm and energy in the body.

Congratulations to you for coming to the banks of Kshipra and singing bhajans.

CM Mohan Yadav honored the bhajan singer by giving him a bouquet and memento.

While Delhi's Santosh Nayak and his team presented Om Namah Shivay, Shastri Dance, Mumbai's KG Hooper Group presented Hanuman Chalisa and Shiv Mahadev Stuti along with local artists playing Damru.

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