Aydinlik newspaper reported, quoting journalist Cetiner Chen, saying: “A new page is opening in our relations with Damascus. Our Foreign Ministry is holding meetings at the Antalya Diplomatic Forum to discuss political and diplomatic issues, and Turkish diplomacy behind the scenes is trying to solve other problems with decisive steps, and soon it will come.” Putin to Turkey, and based on the results, a date will be set and a meeting between Erdogan and Bashar al-Assad will be organized in Moscow.” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, on September 5, that his Syrian counterpart, Bashar al-Assad, “is following from afar the steps taken within The Turkish-Russian-Iranian-Syrian formula, with regard to normalization between Ankara and Damascus. Erdogan stressed that “until now, there is no positive position from the Syrian side towards efforts to normalize relations between the two countries.” Syrian President Bashar al-Assad had confirmed at the time Previously, “the Turkish withdrawal from Syrian territory is inevitable and necessary for the return of normal relations between Damascus and Ankara.” For his part, Turkish Defense Minister, Yaşar Guler, affirmed that his country “desires to bring peace to Syria,” noting that “drafting a constitution New for Syria, and its adoption is the most important stage for bringing peace there.” Since then, Ankara’s relations with Damascus have deteriorated, but recently, the two parties, as well as the media, which is interested in relations between the two countries, began talking about the possibility of gradual normalization. In December of Last year, Russia hosted the first talks in 11 years between Turkey and Syria at the level of defense ministers.