The police in Plovdiv no longer have a place to store the confiscated cars.

The capacity of the parking lots was filled quickly after the changes in the law, according to which the cars of drunk and drugged drivers are impounded.

The Ministry of the Interior called on the revenue agency to conduct auctions for the confiscated cars more quickly.

In the last 6 months alone, the Plovdiv police department confiscated nearly 130 cars.

For a large part of them, there is already a final decision of the court that they are seized in favor of the state.

But they stand in the regional offices or in the "Traffic Police" parking lot.

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"Regarding these cars, we have accordingly notified the NRA if we have the information they requested - the condition of the car, where it is located, the documents, where the keys are, but at the moment we have no notification of held auctions and the cars continue to be stored with us. which makes it extremely difficult for us", said chief inspector Nikolay Kirkov - head of the 6th RUP - Plovdiv.

In response to an inquiry from BNT, the National Revenue Agency explained that by the end of February, they had received court orders for enforcement for 151 cars taken by drunk or drugged drivers.

However, 48 are jointly owned and the procedure for their sale is being extended.

Another 69 have been banned by the Ministry of Internal Affairs for new registration for a period of up to 1 year and before the expiry of this period they cannot be sold.

Only 6 cars are ready for inclusion in an auction that will take place on March 20.

It will be the third in a row due to a lack of prospective buyers.

This is not a surprise, since cars manufactured before 2010 go on public sale.

And old cars rarely find new owners.

Thus, the parking lots of the Ministry of Interior are overflowing.

And the capacity in Plovdiv is already exhausted.

The land, which is located directly opposite the Plovdiv Traffic Police, will also be turned into a parking lot for confiscated cars.

The place was provided by the municipality.

However, funding is still being sought and a number of procedures are pending in order to be able to store the confiscated cars here.

"And we will fill this place. It's just that the procedure should be stricter regarding the decisions that came into force and the confiscated cars in favor of the state, their fate should be decided in a shorter order, said chief inspector Nikolay Kirkov.

At the moment, however, for cars that are not sold in three consecutive auctions, the law provides for a new evaluation and the holding of three more auctions with a price reduction.

There is no limit to the number of tender procedures that can be conducted.

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