On February 28, the team of the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPS) for combating poisons in wildlife registered another incident with dead animals and rare species of birds found in Western Strandzha.

A golden eagle, a young sea eagle, three buzzards and nine jackals were found dead.

The most likely cause of death is the illegal use of poison against wolves and jackals, the BDZP reported


The deceased golden eagle is the male bird of the pair nesting in the area, in which frequent bird replacements have been observed in recent years - a sure sign of high mortality.

Poachers shot a deer near the Shumen village of Cherencha

The woman was observed near the scene of the accident and appears to be doing well at the moment.

A few days ago, the BDZP team with a trained wildlife anti-poison dog started regular patrols in key golden eagle habitats in Sakar and West Strandja.

The trained dog Bars and his handler Nikolay Terziev also managed to find the likely poisonous bait.

Research is pending at the Rescue Center of Green Balkans in Stara Zagora to determine the cause of death of the animals found.

Illegal placing of poison baits in the wild is one of the main threats to wildlife.

BDZP actively supports the building of institutional capacity to fight and prevent encroachments on protected species.

In the summer of 2021, the National Action Plan for Combating the Illegal Use of Poisons in Wildlife (2021 – 2030), developed by the BDZP, was approved.

The plan has an established protocol for action in the investigation of cases of poisoning and has been brought to the attention of the authorities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for implementation.

The use of poisonous baits in nature is prohibited under international, European and national legislation.

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