The enterprises of Russia and


did not reach an agreement on the cost of parts and assemblies for the Grad missile systems.

This was reported by the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.  

According to the contract, the Belarusian contractor OJSC "Volatavto" must supply 250 units of products necessary for the production and repair of the "Grad" anti-aircraft missile defense system to the Russian customer - "Special Design Bureau" CJSC. 

These are, in particular, frames, bases, guide tubes, cradles and other elements of combat vehicles.

According to the GUR, the dispute arose during the meeting, when the "Volatavto" delegation presented papers with calculations - the cost of certain types of Belarusian products exceeded the expected by the Russians

by 500-600%


"After intense negotiations, the Belarusians carried out an additional calculation and found a "way out" to reduce the price: the components will be produced by subcontractors who do not have the appropriate licenses. This will mean a decrease in the quality of products, and therefore, increased risks of using the "Grad" MLRS assembled from such parts and assemblies. , - says GUR. 

Both companies are under international sanctions.

We will remind, according to the mass media,

Poland buys some agricultural products in Belarus, which it has forbidden to import from Ukraine.