Alarming number of women murdered in the Gaza Strip

Israeli troops have murdered around nine thousand women in the Gaza Strip since the beginning of their offensive on October 7, the UN denounced.

It is likely that this figure is lower than the real one because reports indicate that many of them died under the rubble, UN Women warned in a statement.

Although this war does not forgive anyone, the data confirms that it kills and hurts women in an unprecedented way, he stressed.

The United Nations organization detailed that at the current rate, an average of 63 are murdered every day.

An estimated 37 mothers die every day, leaving their families devastated and their children with diminished protection, he said.

The institution highlighted that four out of five women, 84 percent, report that their family eats half or less of the food compared to the period before the conflict.

Almost nine out of 10 women, 87 percent, reported that they have more difficulty accessing food than men, he revealed.

Many of them, she lamented, resort to extreme coping mechanisms, such as searching for food among the rubble or in garbage containers.

Unless an immediate humanitarian ceasefire is agreed, many people will die in the coming days and weeks, he warned.

In this situation, UN Women called for “an end to the murders, bombings and destruction of essential infrastructure in Gaza.”

(With information from Prensa Latina)