Hundreds of workers in the public sector and civil service participated in this movement, who called on the government to improve their purchasing power. They also expressed their rejection of what they considered to be a restriction and attack on union work. The Secretary-General of the Tunisian General Labor Union, Noureddine Taboubi, said in a speech that “social dialogue Completely closed, for political, economic and social reasons,” he said, criticizing the government’s retreat from activating previously signed agreements. The Tunisian General Labor Union is considered the largest union organization in the country, and no less than 80 percent of state employees join its ranks. It was founded in 1946 (i.e. before 10 years of Tunisia’s independence from French colonialism). In late December 2022, the Labor Union launched a “national dialogue” initiative with a number of components of civil society to get out of the economic and social crisis that the country is going through. The Union participates in its initiative: The National Association of Lawyers, the Forum for Economic and Social Rights, and the Tunisian League for Human Rights (independent). This initiative faces rejection from Tunisian President Kais Saied, who considered that the dialogue is left only to Parliament and that it is “the legislator’s task of approving draft laws.”