The source told the agency: “The Iraqi government has decided on its position to end the tasks of the international coalition forces in Iraq and move to comprehensive relations based on respect and common interests.” The source pointed out that “it is not true that there is pressure being exerted on the government for the continued work of the international coalition in Iraq.” Makari told American media: “Iraq is a founding country for the international coalition and plays a leadership role in it,” stressing that “the coalition benefits from the Iraqi experience in targeting the organization.” Makari added: “There are bilateral discussions with Iraq in order to establish a permanent framework for cooperation.” security between the two countries.” The American official revealed ongoing discussions to convince Iraq of the necessity of continuing the alliance, adding: “In general, there is a common vision between the two parties regarding the necessity of continuing the campaign against ISIS.” Iraqi President Abdul Latif Jamal Rashid, last Wednesday, expressed his optimism in reaching a solution. To an agreement soon regarding the exit of the international coalition forces from Iraq, while he stressed that the Iraqi army is ready for the country’s internal and external challenges. The Iraqi president said to Saudi media: “Discussions are continuing regarding the exit of the international coalition forces and I am optimistic about an agreement soon,” stressing that “the American presence and the coalition forces It was agreed upon with the government, and the departure or stay of international forces is a decision taken by the government in coordination with political parties and Parliament.” The Iraqi National Security Advisor: There is a political consensus that the country should be free of foreign forces.