Antalya - Sputnik.

Hussein said, in statements to Sputnik, on the sidelines of the Antalya Diplomatic Forum activities: “An American official offered us an apology regarding this situation,” without further details. US President Joe Biden had said last month that he had directed a strike. Targets in Iraq and Syria, linked to armed groups supported by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, in response to their alleged role in the attack on American forces in Jordan. Biden explained that “strikes were directed against targets in facilities in Iraq and Syria, used by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and its affiliated militias to attack American forces.” He pointed out that “the American response began today, and will continue at times and places chosen by his country,” he said. There are 28 American sites spread across Syria, including 24 military bases and 4 presence points, which have been subjected to missile attacks almost daily, since October 17. The past, against the backdrop of the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip. Iraqi armed factions often claim responsibility for bombing American bases in Syria and Iraq, in response to the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip, as those Iraqi factions declared their support for the “Palestinian resistance.”