The Israeli army said: “We bombed, with aircraft and artillery, infrastructure and two military buildings belonging to Hezbollah in the town of Ramia.”

 A number of members were spotted leaving a military building, and a plane attacked and killed them shortly after.

Sky News Arabia, citing Hezbollah sources, indicated that 4 members of the party were killed in the Israeli strike.

The Israeli strike came a day after a similar strike, carried out on the home of an Iranian Revolutionary Guard advisor, in the Baniyas area in Syria.

On Friday, Iranian media reported that Reza Zarei, an advisor to the Revolutionary Guard, was killed by Israeli bombing on Baniyas, western Syria.

The Syrian Observatory reported that three Iranian leaders were targeted in the coastal area of ​​Baniyas, northwestern Syria.

According to the Observatory, the Baniyas strike targeted a house used by Iranian militias, while local sources indicated that three violent explosions were heard, causing a state of panic among the population as a result of their violent sounds.