The search for 17-year-old Ivana from Dupnitsa will continue for the tenth day in a row, said the Regional Police Directorate in Kyustendil.

So far, no traces of the girl have been found, BNR reports.

Over 100 policemen, gendarmerie, mountain rescuers, forest workers will be on the ground again.

As well as volunteers who organize the search along the German River.

The search party is organized in the networks, and the start of the search is at 9 o'clock.

The idea is to focus the search in the area of ​​the German River Bridge, where she was last seen on camera.

The perimeter there is very large and has thick grass and thorn bushes.

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The organizers say that there are many hills and ravines.

There are dozens of abandoned houses in the area that will be checked.

Some of the localities and objects have been checked two or three times, there is still no result.

The girl's backpack was left last Thursday by her class teacher at the High School of Food and Chemical Technology.

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