Strikes on the Russian rear will be effective if they are connected with front-line operations.

And the main goal for the Armed Forces should be the Crimean Bridge.

This opinion was expressed by retired British colonel Glen Grant on the TV channel "Espresso".

According to him, the destruction of the Crimean bridge will significantly weaken the capabilities of the Russian occupiers on the front line.

"Its destruction would disrupt transport links with Crimea, forcing Russia to rely on sea or land routes, which creates logistical problems. In addition, any delays due to damage to railway bridges will further complicate the movement of Russians," Grant explained.

The British colonel also emphasized that strikes on Russian rear lines can be effective in disrupting enemy operations, but expressed skepticism about their direct impact on the front line "against the full resources and capabilities of Russia."

“Asymmetric actions often require longer-range missiles and more maritime drones, which can be difficult to access.

Asymmetric actions are only truly effective when they are directly related to front-line operations.

Simply targeting the rear may not have the desired effect on the front if they are not executed with strategic ingenuity," he added.

We will remind you that Russia is actively installing additional protective structures on the Crimean Bridge.

The goal is to resist possible attacks by Ukrainian water drones.