A ship going from China to Karachi has been stopped by Indian security agencies at Nhava Sheva port in Mumbai.

According to officials, the agencies suspect that it contains a dual-use consignment, which could have been used for Pakistan's nuclear and ballistic programs.

Customs officials, acting on intelligence inputs, intercepted a Malta-flagged merchant vessel CMA CGM Attila at the port en route to Karachi on January 23 and inspected the consignment, which also included a Computer Numerical Control Machine. Was.

It is originally manufactured by an Italian company. 

CNC machines are basically computer controlled and produce a level of efficiency, consistency and accuracy that is not possible manually. 

The team of Defense Research and Development Organization also inspected the goods sent and certified that it can be used by the neighboring country for its nuclear programme. 

According to experts, this equipment will be useful in manufacturing critical parts for Pakistan's missile development programme. 

CNC machines have been included in the Wassenaar system since 1996.

It is an international arms control system, the purpose of which is to prevent the proliferation of equipment for civilian and military use.

India is one of the 42 member countries that exchange information on transfers of conventional weapons and dual-use items and technologies. 

CNC machines were used by North Korea in its nuclear program. 

This consignment weighs 22,180 kg

Port officials, along with intelligence, alerted Indian defense officials who inspected the heavy cargo and reported their suspicions, following which the consignment was seized. 

As per the bill of loading and other details of the consignment, the consignor's name was stated as "Shanghai JXE Global Logistics Company Limited" and the consignee's name was stated as "Pakistan Wings Private Limited" of Sialkot. 

According to officials, a thorough investigation by security agencies revealed that the consignment weighing 22,180 kg was sent by Taiyuan Mining Import and Export Company Limited and was meant for Cosmos Engineering in Pakistan. 

Such cases have come to light earlier also 

This is not the first case when Indian port authorities have seized such dual-use military-grade items being sent from China to Pakistan. 

Pakistani defense supplier Cosmos Engineering has been on the watch list since March 12, 2022, when Indian authorities once again intercepted a consignment of Italian-made thermoelectric equipment at the Nhava Sheva port.  

Officials said there are concerns that Pakistan may use China as a medium to obtain banned items from Europe and the US, thereby concealing identities. 

China is supporting PAK's nuclear program!

Concern has increased about China's support for Pakistan's nuclear and missile programs.

An example of this is the 2020 case, where an industrial autoclave critical for missile production was disguised as industrial equipment on a Chinese ship bound for Pakistan. 

The purpose of the investigation is to determine whether the suspected Pakistani entities acquiring these dual-use items are supplying them to the Defense Science and Technology Organization, which is responsible for most of Pakistan's defense research and development. 

Officials said that both Pakistan and China claim commitment to international agreements.

Yet such clandestine shipments highlight continued cooperation in potential proliferation activities, which violate global agreements and norms. 

In February 2020, China was supplying autoclaves to Pakistan under the guise of "industrial dryers". 

The autoclave was seized from a Chinese ship, Dai Kui Yun, which was flying the Hong Kong flag and was sailing from Jiangyin port on the Yangtze River in China's Jiangsu province to Port Qasim in Pakistan. 

Pakistan is involved in illegal trade of missiles!

The seizure of autoclaves used in Pakistan's missile program strengthens the suspicion that Pakistan is recklessly indulging in illegal missile trade and violating the Missile Technology Control Regime. 

The US Bureau of Industry and Security has in June 2023 charged three Chinese companies – General Technology Limited (supplier of autoclaves to Pakistan), Beijing Luo Luo Technology Development and Changzhou Utec Composites – for supplying missile components for Pakistan's ballistic missile program. Was banned from joining. 

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