According to the German news agency, citing Schulz, “Schulz promised a quick clarification after the Russian publication of a recording discussing support for Ukraine by German Air Force officers.” The chancellor also stressed that this incident is being investigated “very carefully, intensively and quickly.” The group’s editor-in-chief revealed Yesterday, Friday, Margarita Simonyan, the Russian journalist, Russia Segodnya, the RT channel network, and the Russian Sputnik agency, revealed the details of the content of the audio recording, which contains conversations by high-ranking German officers regarding the attacks on the Crimean Bridge. The recordings show that the conversation that touched on... In which representatives of the German army referred to the strikes on the Crimean Bridge, which had taken place, on February 19, the audio recording stated: “I would like to say one more thing about the destruction of the bridge. We have studied this issue intensively, and unfortunately, we have reached the conclusion that “The bridge, due to its size, resembles a runway. Therefore, it may not require ten or even 20 missiles,” they added, adding, “The attack could be carried out using “Taurus” aircraft if the French “Rafale” fighter is used.” The speakers continued, saying: “ If it is not possible to avoid direct participation, we cannot participate in planning missions, and doing so is a red line for Germany. After an audio recording appeared in which German officers discussed the attacks on the Crimean Bridge and the country’s participation in the Ukrainian conflict. A security spokesman told Sputnik: An explosive device was found installed under a car that was trying to enter the Republic of Crimea.