Milena Melnychuk

, who this year represented Ukraine at

Miss Europe 2024

, shocked with the details of her participation in the contest.

Yes, the beauty pageant took place in Beirut, Lebanon.

In an interview with Slava Dyomin, the Ukrainian representative admitted that she was going to Europe to once again remind about the crimes of the aggressor country.

And she added that she covered all expenses at her own expense.

In particular, Milena spent about 5 thousand euros (150-200 thousand UAH) on everything.

Among the contestants were a Russian and a Belarusian.

According to Melnychuk, throughout her stay in Lebanon at the competition, she stubbornly ignored the representative from the Russian Federation,

Roza Gadieva


However, the very first conflict took place with the Belarusian representative

Iryna Maksymovych

, who called the Ukrainian a "little girl" and generally treated her aggressively.

Milena Melnychuk.

Photo: Milena Melnychuk's Instagram

"The Russian woman and I pretended that we did not exist for each other. The horror began when the Belarusian woman arrived. She immediately began to treat me aggressively, saying that I was a minor. One of the first questions she asked me was: "Who are you?

And how much do you earn?". I answered her, she says: "Oh, no.

You are a stupid child.

You can't earn much.

Come on, keep your mouth shut and don't tell grown-up aunts," Milena shared.

In addition, the Ukrainian representative noted that the Lebanese choreographer at "Miss Europe-2024" called her a "slut".

Belarusian Maksymovich reacted to the Ukrainian woman's indignation, who started shouting: "Shut up, you're too much, you've messed everyone up with your war."

Milena was forbidden to talk about this behavior of the contestants in her photo blog and was threatened with "very big problems".

Milena Melnychuk.

Photo: Milena Melnychuk's Instagram

It is absurd that the winner of "Miss Europe-2024" was the Russian woman, a native of Kazan, Roza Gadieva, and the scandalous representative from Belarus, Iryna Maksimovich, took the third place.

Rumor has it that the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation bought the first place for 20,000 euros, and Belarus bought its own for 5,000 euros.

After the victory, the Belarusian Iryna Maksymovych again had to be calmed down by everyone, because on the bus she once again lashed out at the Ukrainian woman, probably in a drunken state: "You have a war? Why are you shaking your tits at a beauty contest?".

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Melnychuk also told the details of the training of representatives from enemy countries.

So, according to her, the Russian woman gave the President of the Russian Federation Putin a report on the funds spent on the competition outfit (about UAH 2 million) so that he would return them.

In addition, Gadieva allegedly falsified her age: instead of 38 years at Miss Europe 2024, she was given 30 years.