Defense is prioritized in preparation.

Photo: Angélica Arce Montero/Cubadebate.

Defense training is a priority for the Pinar del Río baseball team that is finalizing technical details at the Capitán San Luis stadium, ahead of the start of the 63rd National Series, on March 9.

In the 62nd, the boys made 102 errors.

It was the area that helped us the least in the classification, and it influenced that distant 14th place that we obtained

,” said Joselian Cejas, coach who will direct the returners until Alexander Urquiola concludes his participation as manager of the U-15 in the Pan American Championship. the category, to be held in the Dominican Republic, from March 16 to 22.

According to Cejas, to improve fielding, game situations are simulated from preparation, aspiring to the integration of the


“We have sought for them to be versatile, to be effective in various positions

, in addition to enhancing individual work.”

In this regard, gardener Yasser Julio González added that they are working on the sweep.

“It's no secret that if they hit


part of the field it is very important to sweep, catch the ball and, if you make a good throw, you eliminate an opponent's run or one more base.

“Likewise, we practice the


between two


There are those who ask for it or those who stand under the ball.

We talked about all this from the preparation.

It is

a communication issue as well

,” González declared.

Work with young people has taken priority.

Photo: Angélica Arce Montero/Cubadebate.

Taking into account that the westernmost team did not qualify for the Second Elite League, the technical concentration began in September 2023. “There we work mainly with the youngest players, based on the fundamentals of the game,” commented coach Cejas.

In the midst of this preparation, the provincial series was developed.

“So, in training we emphasized what we detected in that tournament and what we had seen in the National.

“For example, on offense,

we practice game situations with runners on bases, to achieve concentration,

focus, adjustments;

with the objective that the batters acquire rhythm in the fundamental at-bats, those of bringing in runs,” said Cejas.

The first

matches of the vegueros must be against Artemisa, Industriales, Santiago de Cuba and Las Tunas,

teams that were in the second edition of the Elite League.

In audio, interview by Joselian Cejas

Alexei Ramírez: He has not arrived yet, but he will be with Pinar

Alexei Ramirez.

Photo: Elpalcodelahistoria.

Both the provincial commissioner Heriberto Suárez and the coach Joselian Cejas reported that they still cannot specify what exact date in the first days of March

the former Major League Alexei Ramírez will join

, but that his presence with Pinar del Río in the 63rd SNB is confirmed. .

“We have kept in touch with him and we hope that he will be at the inauguration with us.

That will depend on procedures on his part and ours.

We are hopeful that he will play with Pinar in the first subseries.

“It is our dream and that of the Pinar del Río fans

,” he stated.

In video, statements by Joselian Cejas

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