According to television statements to Palestinian media carried by the Palestinian News Agency “Wafa,” Abdel Ghaffar added that the number of wounded Palestinians in Egyptian hospitals exceeds 3,000, and that nearly 1,000 wounded have traveled to other countries, indicating that more than 35,000 Egyptian doctors They continue day and night to provide health support to the brothers in the Gaza Strip. Abdel Ghaffar pointed out that the difficulty of the injuries requires their stay in Egyptian hospitals for a long time, and that the majority of the injuries that arrive at the crossing need specialized medical teams, noting that the number of children and women constitutes 60% of the number. Injuries in Egyptian hospitals. He said: “With persistent efforts, we succeeded in removing 28 premature babies to care in Egyptian hospitals and they have recovered, and approximately 7 premature babies remain in the Gaza Strip.” Abdel Ghaffar called on the international community to put more pressure on Israel. To allow more medical aid to enter the Gaza Strip, indicating that the aid entering the Gaza Strip is much less than what the Palestinians need. Abdel Ghaffar pointed out that President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi assigned the Egyptian Ministry of Health to provide all medical aid and the maximum possible support to the brothers in Palestine, especially in the Gaza Strip. Gaza, and the beginning was by forming a specialized committee, which is in permanent session to follow up on events, in addition to a plan drawn up by the Ministry to deal with the health aspect and follow up on the division of hospitals according to sectors. He warned of the rapid spread of epidemics due to the population’s inability to obtain the required vaccines, which called for the Egyptian Ministry of Health to communicate. With international organizations, especially the World Health Organization, which was able to introduce a large group of vaccines, but the sector needs more of them. He stressed that the Egyptian Ministry of Health is in a constant state of preparedness for the worst cases in the event of an attack on Rafah, expressing his confidence in his country’s ability to deal with it. Any scenario is possible, and that there is a clear effort by Egyptian diplomacy and the Egyptian President to deal with this file and strive to prevent another disaster from occurring in the Gaza Strip. He pointed out that the Palestinian government is conducting continuous and permanent visits to the Republic of Egypt in order to provide the necessary treatment for the wounded and sick coming from Gaza strip.