2 in 1 elections seem more and more likely. There is almost no understanding among the rulers.

It is agony for the citizens and the state.

This was commented by the leader of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) Kornelia NinovaCornelia Ninova is a Bulgarian politician from the BSP, a member of the Parliamentary Group of the Coalition for on the air of BNT.

"I don't think there is a reserve governing majority.

2 in 1 elections are the right way for the country.

We have no way of getting into such assemblies.

We are the only alternative to what is happening", she believes.

She explained that in Kiril Petkov's cabinet, the Bulgarian Socialist Party (abbreviated BSP) was the only corrective that stopped harmful decisions and did not allow PP-DB to do the things they are now doing in this cabinet.

"We will make every effort not to sign an agreement with Ukraine.

We are categorically against Bulgarian troops being sent to Ukraine.

This means direct involvement of Bulgaria in the war, and this means severe consequences for that", Ninova added.

"Ninova Waved a Document", Episode Nth.

The saga continues

She is categorical: "An organized, well-financed propaganda war is being waged against the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP for short). This paid propaganda is constantly pouring out, usually before elections.

The big question for the Sofia organization is that they embrace those they fought against in the election campaign.”

"The attempt to focus the fire on one person - me, is to suggest that this is a leadership party and I am a dictator.

The party remained a thorn in the side.

The desire to take over the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) is to subjugate us, it will not happen to them," she said.

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