In Ukraine, the list of reasons for dismissing employees may be increased.

It is also about potential changes in the length of leave.

The relevant proposals are provided for in the draft Labor Code developed by the Ministry of Energy, writes OBOZ.UA. 

What are they planning to change?

In particular, among the reasons for dismissal: mobilization, appearing in a drunken state, harassment at the workplace, absenteeism, etc.

In fact, the employer will be able to fire the employee without reason.

This is called a release due to an "economic, technological, structural or similar nature". 

"Condition: the employee will need to give 2 months' notice of dismissal or pay him compensation in the amount of twice his salary for each day of reduction of the notice period.

That is, you can immediately pay 4 average salaries and be fired in one day," the article says.

It is added that in case of dismissal due to hostilities (for example, a missile hit the premises, destroyed equipment, etc.), a month's notice of dismissal is required.

In turn, vacation will be increased from 24 to 28 days. 

In addition, the new legislation will also introduce the concept of home work: people who work at home will have identical guarantees, and the length of the working day will be established for them.

Instead, the employment book will become optional, the employer will be freed from the need to keep and fill it. 

Among the important innovations, the law will specify the signs of labor relations:

The presence of three such signs indicates that there is an employment relationship between the employee and the employer.

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