He explained, in a statement to Sputnik Radio, today, Saturday, that there is a major disagreement between the political and military levels in Israel, at the center of which are many statements that address the Israeli interior in order to calm public opinion, which is demanding the return of the prisoners in Gaza. Al-Nahhas mentioned that one of the concepts of victory is Seizing the land completely and preventing resistance there, and this did not happen in the northern Gaza Strip, from which the population was displaced to southern Gaza, which means that Israel is not yet able to claim that it fully controls the northern Gaza Strip. He added that “the specific and atypical operations that It is carried out by the Al-Qassam Brigades, confirming that it is still clinging to the land, even in the lands that Israel claims to control in the northern Gaza Strip. He stated that “historically, Israel has not been able to eliminate the Hamas movement despite the many operations and wars it has launched in the Gaza Strip in recent years.” He pointed out that this matter is “ideological”, which means that he is “defending his land”, and this confirms that this thinking will not change within the popular circles in Palestine and not just the resistance factions. The Israeli army has continued military operations against the Gaza Strip, since October 7th. Last October, when the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), which controls the Gaza Strip, announced the start of Operation “Al-Aqsa Flood,” in which thousands of rockets were fired from Gaza at Israel and its forces stormed Israeli towns adjacent to the Gaza Strip, causing the death of about 1,200 Israelis in addition to the capture of about 250. Others. The battles included a truce that lasted for 7 days, which was reached with Egyptian, Qatari, and American mediation, during which prisoners of women and children were exchanged and agreed upon quantities of aid were brought into the Gaza Strip, before military operations were renewed on the first of this December. The Israeli bombing resulted in The Israeli ground operations in the Gaza Strip since October 7 have resulted in about 30,000 deaths and more than 70,000 injuries, in addition to thousands of missing persons, according to data from the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza.