Télam was created 78 years ago, with the purpose of disseminating information throughout Argentina.

Photo: Carla Gaudensi in X.

The president of Argentina, Javier Milei, announced on Friday that during his administration

he will close the state news agency Télam,

created 78 years ago with the purpose of disseminating information to the entire South American country.

“We are going to close the Télam agency, which has been used in recent decades as a Kirchnerist propaganda agency,” said Javier Milei during his opening speech before the Legislative Assembly.

The Argentine president did not offer details about the process of closing the Argentine media outlet.

When the intention to close Télam was announced, the general secretary of the Argentine Federation of Press Workers, Carla Gaudensi, condemned President Milei's announcement and stated that she will not only defend the media workers, but the entire Argentine people. , as with all state companies.

For her part, the left-wing representative, Myriam Bregman, considered the announcement as

“one more attack on workers

. ”

In 2018, the news agency went through a staff reduction process with the dismissal of 357 workers, some of them later reinstated by court order.

Télam is the only agency in Argentina with a network of correspondents in all the provinces of the South American country

and has multiple cooperation agreements with international agencies to produce and provide information on events that occur in the world.

(Taken from Telesur)