The star of "Women's Quarter" 

Iryna Soponara

recalled the circumstances under which she met

David Beckham's

son -


- in America.

So, the celebrity was flattered to meet with Brooklyn Beckham after one of the performances in New York, where she came with the "League of Laughter" team even before the war.

As it turned out, Iryna was communicating with an acquaintance who was friends with the star.

And that's why the actress received an invitation to a party, which she initially thought to refuse.

"Once we were with the Laughter League in America. We had two shows in New York. I have an acquaintance who lives there. And he says: "Let's meet after the concert, go for a walk, go to a party." I'm happy! We are very finished two shows late. I call and say I'm tired. And he says the club party is over, but we're going to the guy's apartment now. And I'm starting to hate the idea. But he says he's a cool guy… This is Brooklyn Beckham, David Beckham's son!", Iryna said in the "Vikhydny 2.0" program.

Irina Soponaru / Photo:

So, without hesitation, Soponaru found herself at a party in an apartment in the center of New York.

However, because of the shock, she was not able to communicate much with Beckham, but she still got to know him personally.

"I'm coming to this party in Brooklyn. And there everything is like ours. Pati is at home. I met him: "Nice to meet you" (from English - nice to meet you). And that's it, I didn't say another word that evening. Comedy. But I have fond memories," the star added, laughing.

We will remind, recently Iryna Soponaru got new tattoos in the intimate area and

showed off the result