"Give an hour to nature" - this appeal aims to encourage people not only to switch off the lights symbolically for 60 minutes on March 23, but also to devote time to useful nature-friendly activities.

Kalina Boyadzhieva from WWF - Bulgaria stated this for BTA.

She is the Earth Hour coordinator for our country.

The organization has created a platform on which there are various proposals to involve citizens with advice from the experts.

Donations, visiting a thrift store, cooking plant-based meals or planting a tree are just some of the ideas.

We have collected a rich list of activities from food, sports and health to art and entertainment, commented Boyadzhieva. 

On our site, a counter is provided that shows how many hours are "gifted" by people to nature, as well as a ranking by country, so we will easily track how we are performing in Bulgaria, said the expert.

She categorically stated that this is a cause for which our country deserves to take the first position.

Corals along the coast of Florida have been severely damaged by the summer heat wave

Earth Hour is the largest environmental protection initiative in the world, started precisely by WWF.

Her idea is to draw public attention to what is happening to nature and how each of us can get involved in its preservation, commented Boyadzhieva.

This year's edition is called "Earth's Greatest Hour" because more people than ever need to join the cause, she also noted.

It is crucial that we raise awareness of environmental challenges and join forces to stop the loss of biodiversity, the conservationist stressed.

She cites data that show 69% of wild animal populations have been lost over the past 50 years.

The expert reminded that nature is "our common home and the source of everything we need in life" and therefore a shared responsibility is needed.

With every action we take, we can help or harm the world around us.

It is important what and how much we consume and how the products were produced, for example, said Boyadzhieva.

We can eat seasonal food from local producers, compost, use public transport or bicycles more, replace appliances at home with more energy efficient ones, she advises.

Multiple use of products for which this is possible is also among the important, according to experts, measures to reduce the negative impact on nature.

Recycling is also part of the positive measures.

"My advice is for everyone to start with what is easy and enjoyable, so they will quickly be motivated to continue."

If we take up something that is difficult for us to implement, there is a chance that we will quickly give up and decide that it makes no sense and "nothing depends on me anyway", comments Boyadzhieva.

She remains optimistic about the cause.

For seven years now, I have been responsible for holding Earth Hour in Bulgaria, and every year we report greater interest, she summarized.  

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