Ritter added in an interview with the “Gegenbuhl” channel on YouTube, “The Ukrainians, frankly, are on the verge of collapse at the front, and soon there will be a decisive moment in which combat cohesion will completely disappear, and Russia will be able to continue moving forward without slowing down.” He stressed. Ritter stressed that such failures of the Ukrainian Armed Forces put NATO, which supports the Ukrainian army, in a difficult position. Russian forces thwarted the Ukrainian “counterattack”, despite the significant financial and military support provided by NATO and a number of Western and allied countries. With Washington, for the Kiev regime. More than a year after the start of the operation, many voices appeared in the West, calling for the necessity of stopping support for the Kiev regime, which stole money and threw its soldiers into a battle that it knew from the beginning was a failure, against the backdrop of promises made by Britain and America. German expert: The valor of the Russian forces and the lack of Ukrainian ammunition forced the Kiev forces to withdraw from several areas