On the night of March 2, the Russian army carried out a concentrated attack

by drones

from different directions, as well as with complex maneuvers.

In particular, enemy drones maneuvered between residential buildings in Odessa. 

Nataliya Humenyuk, head of the United Coordination Press Center of the Southern Defense Forces, told about this on the air of the FREEDOM TV channel.

According to her, the usual Russian UAV attacks are stretched over time.

However, this night the blow was sealed.

For an hour, drones entered very densely from the waters of the Black Sea and attacked various districts of Odesa.

"The concentration of the enemy's efforts was evident in the regional center and nearby settlements. The air defense forces worked in a tense mode for practically an entire hour. This is not a very characteristic feature of similar Russian attacks. They are usually stretched out in time. It was concentrated here. Drones entered the airspace over Odessa, in particular, maneuvering between residential buildings," Humenyuk said.

One of the enemy drones hit a nine-story residential building, destroying 18 apartments - and this is half of the entrance. 

"From the first to the ninth floor, everything collapsed. The building is a panel house. It is clear that it was impossible to hold the structure. Obviously, the drone also had a reinforced combat unit. In this regard, a search and rescue operation was launched, which is still ongoing. An analysis is being conducted collapsed," says the OK representative.

In addition, Humenyuk noted that the enemy purposefully sends drones along such routes that involve maneuvering between residential buildings.

And not above high-rise buildings, but between them.

We will remind, explosions occurred in Odesa during the air alert, which lasted from 00:37 to 01:43.

The Russians attacked the city with drones.

 Part of a building in a densely populated area collapsed

as a result of an unmanned aerial vehicle strike .

The rescue operation at the place where the drone was hit is still ongoing.


six residents are considered missing.

At least two people died and eight were injured. 

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