In Odesa, rescue operations are ongoing at the site of "Shakhed" shelling of a residential building.

It is currently known that the Russians completely destroyed 18 apartments during the shelling. 

This was announced on the official Telegram channel of the Odessa City Council "Odesa. Official".

According to the city council, 18 apartments were destroyed at the site of the strike in Odesa and, according to preliminary data, another 7 were damaged.

Shelling of Odesa on March 2 / Photo: Odesa City Council

"An operational headquarters is working at the scene of the tragedy. The electricity supply has been restored in the damaged house. There is no heat supply in 11 houses, a school and a kindergarten. Work is underway to restore the operation of the boiler house. There is no gas supply in two houses, the relevant services are working on the spot," the message says. 

Shelling of Odesa on March 2 / Photo: Odesa City Council

"Shakhed" shelling of a house in Odesa: what is known 

On the night of March 2, Russian terrorists "Shakhedom" fired at a residential building in Odesa.

As of now, it is known about 5 dead, including a small child. 

As of now, the analysis of rubble is ongoing.

There may be people there. 

On March 3, Odesa announced the Day of Mourning.