A week after the loss of the second A-50U aircraft, Russia has suspended fleet flights in support of operations in Ukraine.

This is likely to continue as long as internal investigations continue into the failure to protect the sides and how to mitigate the threat that Ukrainian air defenses continue to pose.

This was reported by the Ministry of Defense of Great Britain.

The loss of the ability to provide day-to-day command and control of Russian air operations is likely to significantly impair the situational awareness provided by aircrews.

Russia can hardly afford such a gap in capabilities over the airspace of eastern and southern Ukraine.

"It is likely that Russia will have to explore options to bridge this gap, including repurposing aircraft and taking greater risks to provide the effective air support that its ground forces need but are likely not receiving," the analysts wrote.

This issue was exacerbated by the termination of A-50 support operations.

Airframe and crew fatigue will increase as the A-50 returns to service and the fleet becomes increasingly stretched.

Perhaps Russia will try to return to service the previously decommissioned A-50 gliders to improve the situation.

It will be recalled that the Air Force received "additional tools" that made it possible to shoot down enemy planes more often.

This is a serious psychological blow to the pilots of the Russian Federation.