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At least ten people were injured when a low intensity bomb exploded at Rameshwaram Cafe in Bengaluru, Karnataka on Friday.

Police have implemented strict UAPA provisions in the case.

Meanwhile, the owner of Rameshwaram Cafe said that the suspect was seen eating Rava Idli before leaving his bag at the restaurant.

Speaking to NDTV, cafe owner Divya Raghavendra Rao explained what happened moments before the blast... and how a bomb was planted in the cafe in just 15 minutes. 

The bomb was planted in Rameshwaram Cafe in just 15 minutes.

The suspected blast accused was seen entering Rameshwaram Cafe at 11.30 am.

After this he ordered Rava Idli at 11.38.

Then after eating Rava Idli, he went towards the wash basin to wash his hands at 11.44.

During this time he kept the bag containing the IED.

At 11.45 the suspected accused left the cafe.

After this there was an explosion at 12.56 pm.

The owner of Rameshwaram Cafe said, "When the blast happened, I did not have my mobile phone with me and when I picked it up there were a lot of missed calls. When I called my staff back, they told me that there was an explosion in the restaurant. The first thing I thought after this was that maybe the explosion was caused by something inside the kitchen, but then we realized that there were no injuries or blood inside the kitchen... and the explosion happened where the customer Were sitting." 

Divya Raghavendra Rao told that after watching the CCTV footage, it was found that a person wearing a mask and muffler came to the billing counter and ordered Rava Idli.

He said, "The suspect took his order and then sat down in a corner. He then finished his meal and then left a bag in the corner before leaving the restaurant. Shortly thereafter, the explosion occurred."

He said that fortunately there was no cylinder kept at the place where the explosion occurred.

Cafe owner Rao said that her son was born recently and there is no difference between Rameshwaram Cafe and her newborn baby.

"My business is also my child and the loss of my outlet hurts me as much as a child getting hurt," he said, assuring his customers that Rameshwaram Cafe will reopen very soon and strong.

"The Whitefield outlet will operate the same way it was operating with tighter security and more security systems. We will be back," he said.

Rao thanked God that no one was seriously injured in the Rameshwaram cafe blast.

He said, "No one was seriously injured... Those who have suffered some injuries are expected to recover in 15-30 days. We will provide all possible help to the injured."

Police suspect that the IED fitted with a timer inside the bag may explode.

Officials from the local unit of the National Investigation Agency (NIA) reached the spot and started investigation.

Bengaluru Police has registered a case under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act and Explosive Substances Act.

A statement issued by the city police commissioner's office said 10 people (hotel staff and customers) were injured in the blast that occurred between 12:50 pm and 1 am.

The injured are being treated.

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