In the Krasnodar region of the Russian Federation, an enemy missile fell again, which the occupiers probably launched on the territory of Ukraine.

A Russian projectile landed in a field near the village of Novoshcherbynivsk. 

This is reported by the monitoring telegram channel monitor.

"One X-35 did not reach the territory of Ukraine and is resting in the fields of the Krasnodar region of the Russian Federation," the report says. 

Researchers are convinced that the Russian terrorist army hit the Mykolaiv region with a similar missile last time.

Earlier, the head of Mykolayiv OVA, Vitaly Kim, confirmed the rocket attack on the village.

Kotlyareve of the Shevchenkiv community.

There, the terrorists hit a warehouse on the territory of the farm. 

Ukrainian military correspondent Andriy Tsaplienko published a photo from the site of the fall of the Russian Kh-35 missile on the territory of Russia. 

A rocket fell again in the Russian Federation / Photo: Telegram/Andrii Tsaplienko

Russian missiles often fall on the territory of the Russian Federation

It should be noted that this is not the first time that Russian missiles fall on the territory of the Russian Federation without reaching Ukraine.

In January 2024, one of the rockets fell in the village of Petropavlivka in the Voronezh region of the Russian Federation.

As a result, several houses were destroyed.

On January 15, 2024, two Kalibr missiles fell at once in the Krasnodar region of Russia during January 13.

The location where one of the targets fell was filmed by local residents.