The source revealed that the three elements are Hussein Badawi, Abbas Khalil, and Farouk Harb, from the towns of Deir Qanun, Al-Sama’iyya, and Al-Halusiyah, respectively.

Earlier on Saturday, a Sky News Arabia correspondent confirmed that an Israeli drone targeted a car on the Naqoura Road.

Preliminary information indicated that 3 people were killed in the attack, which took place in the Al-Hamra area in Naqoura and was carried out with 3 missiles launched by the drone.

Pictures spread on social media platforms showed the targeted car engulfed in flames and charred.

The Lebanese Hezbollah and the Israeli army have been exchanging fire across the border since October 7, in a conflict that has been steadily worsening and raising fears of a broader escalation.

A few days ago, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant indicated that Israel plans to increase attacks on Hezbollah, even if a ceasefire is reached in Gaza.

But Gallant also left the door open to reaching a diplomatic agreement to achieve Israel's goal of the withdrawal of Hezbollah fighters from the border, and the return of tens of thousands of Israelis who fled the region.

The fighting, the worst between Hezbollah and Israel since 2006, has displaced tens of thousands of people in Lebanon.