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New Delhi:

An explosion took place at Rameshwaram Cafe in Bengaluru on Friday afternoon, in which 10 people were injured.

The restaurant owner said that the suspect was seen eating Rava Idli before leaving the bag.

Restaurant owner Divya Raghavendra Rao, while talking to NDTV, recalled the events that led to the blast at the Whitefield outlet.

"I did not have my mobile phone with me when the blast happened and when I picked up the phone, there were a lot of missed calls. When I called my team back, they told me there was an explosion in the restaurant," he said.

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"Left the bag after eating Rava Idli"

Restaurant owner Divya said, "At first I thought that maybe something inside the kitchen might have caused the explosion, but then we came to know that there were no injuries or blood inside the kitchen and the explosion happened in the customer area."

He said that it was seen in the CCTV footage that a person wearing a mask and muffler came to the billing counter and ordered Rava Idli.

After taking his order he sat in a corner.

After having his meal, he left his bag there and walked out of the restaurant, and after some time there was an explosion."

"Rameshanaram Cafe is like a child to me"

The owner of the restaurant said that the good thing is that no cylinder was kept at the place of the blast.

Restaurant owner Divya said that she has recently become a mother.

He also described Rameshnaram Cafe as his child.

He said that there is no difference between his children.

Divya said, "My business is also my child and I am equally saddened by the loss of my outlet."

While giving a message to his customers, he said that Rameshwaram Cafe will come back very soon and strongly.

Divya said, “The Whitefield outlet will function the same way as it was doing earlier with tighter security and more security systems. We will be back.

"Will help those injured in cafe blast"

Cafe owner Divya said that no one was seriously injured in the Rameshwaram cafe blast.

She thanks God for this and talks about helping the injured.

Divya told that no one has suffered any serious injuries, those who have suffered injuries are likely to recover in 15-30 days.

They will be taken care of, so that their life can become normal again. 

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