It is difficult to say now whether the war in Ukraine will end after the death of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

We can hope for the best, that turmoil will begin there, but prepare for the worst. 

This opinion was expressed by the historian, Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, junior lieutenant of the National Guard "Azov" Vladyslav Dutchak with the call sign "Assistant Professor" in an interview with TSN presenter Natalya Ostrovskaya. 

"Let's recall Prigozhin's almost "triumphal" march to Moscow.

They didn't push it a little bit.

There is no trouble without the Ukrainian Cossacks.

It was necessary to help, but somehow we did not manage to do so at that time.

Maybe there will be trouble.


perhaps such an inadequate person as Medvedev

with the last stage of alcoholism will turn out and it will become even worse.

It is difficult to predict.

Our opponent is very difficult in the sense that it is difficult to predict.

He acts completely illogically.

It's useless to look for logic," said the soldier.

Natalya Ostrovska and Vladyslav Dutchak / Photo:

According to him, if Ukraine was at war with civilized people, then something could be calculated. 

"Remember the first forecasts: 30,000 Russians will die and they will come to their senses.

And the fact is that

Russian society does not feel this

, because life revolves around two capitals - Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Everything is fine there, naked parties are held, everything is great, everything is cool.

In principle, no deficit is felt.

And people from depressed regions, such as Tuva, Buryatia, Yakutia, are being picked up for the war.

And it's amazing.

They are like subsidized regions, although the minerals are just a cloud.

They choose these people, they chose prisoners.

They are beginning to actively attract people from Central Asia who came to earn money," says Vladyslav Dutchak.

According to the military, the Russians will absolutely not feel up to a million losses.

"Women are still giving birth.

It is still necessary to understand that there are a lot of videos on the Internet in various public places, how Russians "suicide" with ease.

There he received some kind of injury, he is lying down, our copters are flying, watching, and he is shooting.

You look and think, why did you crawl here?

You would like to commit suicide, well, somewhere there... This is a "swing".

It's in their blood.

Therefore, it is a very difficult opponent, and it is not for nothing that our people always call them "Orcs", - said the "Docent".

On the TSN YouTube channel, you can watch the video at this link Only that politician has the right to say that it is necessary to fight to the last person who has gone through the hell of an assault!