Mykhailo Podolyak,

adviser to the head of the President's Office

, explained why peace negotiations with Russia are impossible.

"One more time about the "peace proposals of the Russian Federation in the spring of 2022". I suggest to use logic (irony) and re-evaluate the known (unchanged) facts:

"The conclusion is simple. There were no real opportunities to come to an agreement. The Russian Federation did not change the conditions of surrender. Ukraine categorically never accepted these conditions. Today, the Russian Federation again wants to destroy Ukraine, but is looking for an opportunity to bargain for an operational pause in order to end militarization, expand mobilization, and at the next stage, scale up hostilities. The question: why periodically return to a non-existent topic and try to pass off the known capitulation demands of the Russian Federation as something new, which absolutely certainly could not lead to "peace"?

- he added.

It will be recalled that it was previously reported that Zelensky emphasized that 

Ukraine will not offer peace to Russia under any circumstances, because this "means fulfilling its ultimate capitulation demands"


In addition, we previously reported that Russian dictator 

Putin expects the West to tire of Ukraine and has high hopes for Donald Trump.