Hamas blamed Israel for the consequences of any failure of the ongoing negotiations as long as it continues to commit crimes against the Palestinian people, as it put it, considering that what happened comes within the framework of a starvation war seeking to displace the population of the Gaza Strip.

US President Joe Biden, for his part, considered that Israel's targeting of Palestinians during the delivery of aid in Gaza would complicate the talks aimed at achieving calm, ruling out an agreement between Hamas and Israel by next Monday, but he stressed that he remained optimistic despite what happened.

So where do the talks stand now after all these developments?

Former Palestinian Minister, Ashraf Al-Ajrami, speaking to the Sky News Arabia newsroom, stresses that the Nabulsi Roundabout incident will have negative and dangerous effects on negotiation efforts to achieve calm.

  • The return of the Israeli delegation without achieving any results and informing the Israeli government of Hamas’ intransigence and escalation of its demands.

  • Hamas denounces and rejects the criminal act committed by Israel against the residents of the Gaza Strip, which resulted in the killing of 112 Palestinians during the delivery of aid.

  • The possibility of suspending negotiations in light of the faltering talks and the events witnessed in the Nabulsi roundabout.

  • It is no wonder what Israel has committed has been brought to the International Court of Justice on charges of war crimes against the Palestinian people.

  • The situation imposed by Israel on the Palestinian citizen in the northern Gaza Strip is a war crime, a crime against humanity, and genocide against the Palestinian people.

  • Israel did not content itself with starving and killing women and children, but it directed its machine guns at them and killed them while they were searching for food.

  • Israel will not achieve any success in the Gaza Strip unless it considers the killing of Palestinians and the destruction of homes and infrastructure a kind of victory.

  • Today, in the eyes of the world, Israel is a criminal force that violates international law and kills innocent people.

  • Israel cannot eliminate Hamas by military force, and the only solution to the conflict lies in a political solution.

  • It is necessary to talk about the suffering of a people, and about the day after the end of the occupation, and not the day after the end of Hamas.

  • There is no way for Israel to live in safety in the region as long as the conflict does not end and the occupation does not end.

  • Israel practices apartheid against the Palestinians even within its borders.

  • Netanyahu seeks to remove the Palestinian presence, give the right to self-determination to the Jews, and deprive the Palestinians of their original right.

Nael Zoabi, an academic specializing in Israeli affairs, says that Israel does not aim to pursue the Palestinians and the people of Gaza, but rather seeks to reach and eliminate Hamas without harming innocent people.

  • Israel seeks as much as possible not to harm or harm civilians in the Gaza Strip.

  • Hamas is not only holding 130 kidnapped Israelis but also holding the people of Gaza alongside them.

  • The necessity of respecting the sanctity of the human being as a human being.

  • During its operations, the Israeli army tries hard to minimize potential harm to civilians.

  • On October 7, Hamas not only attacked the Israelis, but also destroyed Gaza and the Middle East region with its actions.

  • The Israeli government is convinced that military pressure is the only solution that will push Hamas to surrender.

  • Israel's destruction of Hamas's military power, its military weakening, and the beginning of talk about the next day after Hamas.