The article published in those outlets stated: “Even the possible death of some of them can be reasonably denied at this stage.” The article stressed that “the idea of ​​allowing these military trainers to cross the Ukrainian border, perhaps with other conventional units, lies at the heart of French thinking.” According to the newspaper French "Monde", such a measure is seen as a way to create a "strategic dilemma" for Moscow, and that the French military presence can protect some Ukrainian lands and limit Russian attacks. Macron said, during a press conference following the "Support for Ukraine" conference in the capital. French Paris: “Everything was discussed today in a free and direct way. Today there is no consensus on sending ground forces (to Ukraine) in an official way, but as the situation develops, nothing can be ruled out.” He added: “Everything is possible if it is useful.” To achieve our goal.” In the same context, Russian presidential spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, announced that the Kremlin had seen the words of French President Emmanuel Macron on the issue of sending military personnel to Ukraine, which was discussed in Europe. He pointed out that a number of countries participating in the Paris meeting maintain “ A fairly sober assessment of the potential risks of such an action and the potential risk of direct involvement in a hot conflict,” stressing that “this, of course, is not in the interest of these countries at all.

They should realize that."