Ukraine continues to sign bilateral security agreements.

Such agreements have already been reached with the Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany, France, and Denmark.

And also - Italy and Canada.

This is stated in the story of TSN correspondent Oleksandr Romaniuk. 

What is known about security agreements for Ukraine

On March 1, Ukraine signed a security agreement with the Netherlands.

Currently, Ukraine already has 7 such documents with the countries of the "Big Seven" and the EU.

It all started with the Vilnius NATO summit.

At that time, although Ukraine did not receive clear dates for membership in the Alliance, it nevertheless concluded a joint declaration with the G-7 members.

The states undertook to support Ukraine's course towards NATO and to take care of our security along the way.

The importance of security agreements - an expert's opinion

Political expert Taras Zahorodniy says that the hysterical reaction of Russians to this declaration was eloquent.

Because in fact, these agreements duplicate cooperation within NATO in many respects.

"These are bilateral agreements with each individual country, which assume certain obligations, first of all, regarding military aid, military equipment exchange, and many other things," he says. 

What do security agreements entail?

We had to wait almost six months for the first agreement with the British.

That's all it took to agree that London would cooperate with Kyiv in the exchange of intelligence, military training, and the defense industry.

Germany and France followed.

Like the British one, the agreements with them are designed for 10 years and provide, in particular, financial support for Ukraine.

More than 7 billion euros from Germany and 3 billion from France for 2024.

Zelensky and Macron signed an agreement on security guarantees for Ukraine / Photo: Associated Press

Another signatory, Denmark, pledged to focus efforts on providing F-16s, ammunition and simulators for them, as well as training and maintaining the aircraft.

Canada will provide diplomatic, financial, military, intelligence and cyber assistance to Ukraine.

And will also take care of forced Ukrainian migrants.

A similar document from Italy also talks about cooperation in the political, financial and reform spheres

The Netherlands, the new signatories, promise to contribute to the strengthening of the Ukrainian Air Force.

That is, each agreement, experts say, is unique in its own way and gives Ukraine access to information or technologies.

Volodymyr Zelenskyi in Kharkiv

The President's Office says that negotiations on signing similar agreements with other countries are currently underway.

Many also expressed interest in joining the process.

Ukraine is integrating into NATO

"Ukraine is already integrated into NATO's military structures, we are already de facto in NATO, only without Article 5. Intelligence interaction, exchange of information, experience, joint production of weapons - that's what NATO is," Taras Zahorodniy explains.

At the same time, experts admit, such agreements still have certain risks.

The signatory countries can cancel them if their government changes.

However, such actions may call into question the democratic values ​​of these countries.

Volodymyr Zelenskyi and Olaf Scholz signed an agreement on security guarantees in Berlin / Photo: Associated Press

However, Ukraine should still take advantage of the opportunity and take the maximum from these agreements.

To learn, to adopt experience, to develop joint projects, to further modernize the army.

In order to become a serious player in the future, with whom partners themselves will want to cooperate.

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