UN approves Cuban resolution on the Environment

The United Nations Environment Assembly adopted the draft resolution presented by Cuba, entitled “Circularity of a resilient and low-carbon sugarcane agroindustry”


The text, co-sponsored by Brazil, recognizes the potential of applying circular economy approaches in that sector, particularly to address the challenges of climate change, loss of biodiversity, soil degradation and pollution, as well as food sources. , raw materials, biomaterials and bioenergy.

This is the first time in the history of the United Nations Environment Assembly that Cuba presented a draft resolution, which was also adopted by acclamation.

The approved document invites Member States with sugarcane agroindustry to integrate circular economy approaches into their respective national strategies, in addition to exploring and developing partnership initiatives, in cooperation with the private sector and other actors, aimed at supporting the implementation of those actions.

It also promotes the development and transfer of technology, good practices, capacity building, scientific research and innovation.

Likewise, the resolution defends the vision of the countries of the South in relation to the circular economy, with a comprehensive approach to the value chain of the sugar cane agroindustry, with emphasis on the community social variable and strong commitment to protection of environmental quality In this way, it constitutes a modest contribution from Cuba to global efforts to achieve sustainable production and consumption patterns.

The approval of the Cuban resolution is considered one of the most important milestones achieved at the international level in the area of ​​​​competence of the organization.

(With information from Prensa Latina)