The Sofia District Prosecutor's Office prosecuted a 35-year-old man for threatening to kill magistrates.

On 21.02.2024, the accused I.Z.

sent numerous electronic messages to various institutions containing death threats against magistrates and insulting qualifications concerning politicians and other public figures.

In this case, pre-trial proceedings for a crime under Art.

144, para.

3, item 1, paragraph para.

1 of the Criminal Code, for which a penalty of "imprisonment" is provided.

So far, during the search, three mobile devices have been seized, which will be examined.

Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Red Pirate: All emails matching 100% were found in the man's phones

In the course of the investigation, the mental health of the accused is to be examined.

By decree of prosecutor I.Z.

is detained for up to 72 hours.

A motion to remand the accused is pending before the court.

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