Only 15 working days after taking office, the members of the Board of Directors of the NDC unanimously decided to increase the salaries of all employees in the company by 20 percent.

The decision enters into force retroactively - from February 1, reports the press center of the NDK.

Those working in the NDK will already feel the change in pay at the beginning of March.

And since the social benefits of all employees in the company are among the management's priorities, the price of night work will also be increased - from BGN 1.50 to BGN 2.

The number of days for paid annual leave increased from 25 to 27.

For the last 8 years, there has been an increase in wages only once - in 2019. Then the wages were raised by 6%, but only for some employees.

In April 2023, the basic salaries were equalized by position.

Now the new leadership is betting on the principle of equality and protection of all individual and collective rights. 

"People are the biggest capital of the National Palace of Culture.

Without them it is just a building.

That is why employees are the main focus of our new vision for company development.

For us, it is particularly important that they are motivated", says Andriyana Petkova, executive director of NDK.

The National Palace of Culture has a new management

The social program of the new Council also includes the restoration of the official canteen in the Palace, where the NDK team will eat quality food at reasonable prices.

It is no coincidence that among the priorities of the new management are the health and well-being of employees.

The members of the Council are convinced that attention and tolerance are an invariable part of large-scale and serious business and always lead to more definite results in the achievements of all teams.   

These valuable and significant first steps in the policy of the Board of Directors reveal the directions in the overall strategy for renovation, modernization and revitalization of the National Palace of Culture and its transformation into a favorite place of Sofia residents and guests of the capital.

NDK will soon be a real center for culture, business and entertainment, says a letter to the media.

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