25-year-old Belarusian


, who was brutally attacked in the center of Warsaw, died.

Barbara Myatkowska,

press secretary of the Clinical Center of the Medical University of Warsaw,

confirmed the information to the Polish publication Onet .

The immediate cause of the woman's death was brain death.

The woman was in critical condition in the resuscitation and anesthesiology department of one of the capital's hospitals.

In a few days, 547,817 zlotys (137.4 thousand dollars) were collected to help her out of the declared 800 thousand.

10,471 people transferred funds.

The gathering was announced by the girl's boyfriend, who said that he is a native of Ukraine, and his girlfriend Lizaveta is from Belarus.

Lizaveta's boyfriend thanked on social networks "for donations, for contacts, words of support and prayers.

We are very grateful to the doctors who did everything possible to save Lisa's life."

Sources of the "Lyusterka" portal inform that now the woman's relatives are deciding the legal formalities related to the funeral.

"Lizaveta's only legal representative is her brother, but he does not have a visa to come to Poland," said a source close to the Belarusian family.

"We are now trying to figure out what to do with it, who is authorized to bury her."

The interlocutor of the portal also said that now the relatives are waiting for the bill from the hospital where Lizaveta was.

He does not know the exact amount that needs to be paid for the clinic's services.

The doctors informed him that they could tell the amount only to the legal representative.

According to the "Lyusterka" source, control over the distribution of the money collected for Lizaveta's treatment will be taken over by the Polish side:

"The Poles have already said unequivocally that this financial levy will be controlled by the state.

Conventionally speaking, if someone spends this money for other purposes, then such an act will be considered fraud.

Access to the account with funds is still limited.

All payments will come after appropriate verification.

Perhaps some amount will be spent on lawyers who defend Elizabeth's interests in the criminal process, as well as on legalization of the necessary documents and services related to the funeral."

A message from the Pomagam.pl resource also appeared on the fundraising page.

The administration of the resource reported that due to the great interest in helping Lizaveta, she made sure that the donated funds were spent on the purpose indicated in the description of the collection:

"By supporting this fundraiser, you can be sure that the funds will go towards Elizabeth's treatment.

In the event that any circumstances prevent this, all contributions will be returned to the donor."