The Ministry of Environment and Water (MoEW) has ordered inspections for waste pollution throughout the country.

The control is for the cleaning of contaminated terrains and the roads with their service areas, the press center of the Ministry of Education and Culture reported. 

The inspection was ordered by letters to all Regional Environment and Water Inspections (RIOSV) and to the National Association of Municipalities in Bulgaria. 

By the end of March, the mayors must carry out inspections of areas with waste pollution on the territory of the municipality.

If contamination is found, action must be taken to remove it.


their capacity as owners of municipal roads, it is necessary to clean the waste from the roads, road facilities, service areas, roadside service complexes and to provide receptacles for the collection of waste along the municipal road network and the transportation of the collected waste to the treatment facilities.

After the expiration of the period, from the beginning of April, the RISW will begin inspections to establish the results of the implemented measures.

In case of non-fulfilment, the administrative and punitive measures provided for by law will be taken against the mayors, the Ministry of Education and Culture informs. 

At the beginning of this year, the Minister of Environment and Water, Julian Popov, outlined two goals for progress with regard to waste - the introduction of a deposit system and the "polluter pays" principle.

Minister Popov: We must radically change the waste collection system

The Minister commented on the topic during the presentation of the National Report on the State and Protection of the Environment in 2021.

In November of

The European Commission has called on several countries, including Bulgaria, to properly implement the EU rules on waste treatment.

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