French President Emmanuel Macron's statement about sending foreign troops to Ukraine to some extent shows the blurring of the "red lines" regarding the fact that NATO should not get involved in hostilities on the territory of Ukraine. 

This opinion was expressed by Oleksiy Yizhak, an analyst of the National Institute of Strategic Studies, on the air of the Espresso TV channel.

"Perhaps, France has a corresponding political reasoning.

An important industrial element is that, unlike American missiles, French missiles can be used against targets in the Russian Federation, at least against legitimate targets such as Iranian missiles.

This is political leadership.

This is the biggest blurring of the "red lines" that Putin created in February 2022.

French people, politically, this is just a colossal blurring, even the destruction of these "red lines", this is very important," he said.

Talks about NATO troops in Ukraine are actually the beginning of practical negotiations, the terms of Ukraine's membership in NATO, says Yizhak.

"France took political leadership to unite Europe for certain goals.

France would like to pool European resources in its vision.

What was said by Macron is natural.

Clearly, it is not about NATO troops fighting instead of our troops.

This is not about replacing the law on mobilization and everything related to it.

Most likely, it is about the agreements that Ukraine is currently concluding with Europe on the automatic reaction of our partners in case of danger for Ukraine," he said.

According to him, we are talking about such forms of presence that will make reactions on the part of NATO countries automatic. 

"This is not only a military presence, but also an industrial, financial and political one.

At the same time, the military presence can be different: special forces, consultants, advisers, crews that service equipment, engineering units.

Not only is it possible, it already is.

Now the question is which countries are ready to increase such a presence and take on additional obligations regarding automatic reaction in case of danger, a threat to Ukraine," added the analyst of the National Institute of Strategic Studies.

It will be recalled that

France is considering the possibility of sending special forces to Ukraine, who could "protect some territories of Ukraine and limit strikes from Russia."