Ukrainian actor, star of the comedy "

Mad Wedding-3


Vyacheslav Hostikoev

shared that he has been in a relationship for 12 years.

Hostikoev Jr.'s chosen one was his colleague, actress Anastasia Rula.

Together with his beloved, the actor plays in the Ivan Franko Theater in Kyiv.

Exclusively in the "ZhVL Presents" program, the artist told his love story:

"I'll tell you this. She's my wife. But we're not signed. It's enough for me that this person is with me. But if it's important to her, then we'll sign with her at least tomorrow. Because everything became clear to me a long time ago." , - said Hostikoev.

Vyacheslav Hostikoev and his beloved play in the same play

The couple has been together for about 12 years, the lovers have been living together for quite a long time.

"I don't remember when, but we've been living together for more than 5-6 years, it seems like seven. It was a very cool decision. I have no reason to burden myself every morning, I wake up with a smile because she's nearby," he shared actor.

And Vyacheslav Hostikoev and Anastasia Rula met in the first year of the institute:

"I had to choose a partner for the sketch. She sat like that, giving the signal "no, no, not me, not me, don't take me" and I chose her," Vyacheslav recalled.

Vyacheslav Hostikoev with his beloved

However, their sketch was not perfect, but it was the beginning of a relationship.

Hostikoev recalls that Nastya decided to support him, hugged him, and then Hostikoev realized that he had fallen in love:

"Nastya got upset and hugged me. I was like: "Ah" and that's it, and I realized that I fell in love. And that's it. I started running after her. There were different stories, we converged, diverged. But after the moment when we converged the second time, that's all - I didn't let her go," said Hostikoev.

Beloved Vyacheslav Hostikoeva

The artist also shared what he is currently doing.

Hostikoev is temporarily not acting in movies because, he says, he does not see himself there now.

Currently, Vyacheslav devotes all his time to volunteering, dubbing and theater.

One of the loudest roles is Demyan Halyavskyi in the play "The Witch of Konotop", tickets for which are sold out in six months.

Taking advantage of the demand, the team of the Franka Theater organizes special screenings and holds charity performances.

We will remind, earlier the mother of actor Vyacheslav Hostikoev, actress Nataliya Sumska, admitted how joint work with her son in the theater

affected their relationship