On March 4 at 18:00, the new detective series "


" will start on channel 2+2.

One of the main roles in the film was played by actress

Eva Shevchenko-Holovko

, who was 13 years old at the time of filming.

Her heroine is the daughter of investigator Maksym Kholod, who disappeared under mysterious circumstances four years ago.

Having the only clue - the girl's last note, Kholod, together with linguistic forensics expert Oleksandra Kosovych, will try to solve the case.

In an interview for TSN.ua, Eva Shevchenko-Holovko told how her life changed during the full-scale war, as well as about filming abroad, separation from her family and the premiere of the series "Cold", for which the audience had been waiting for two years.

- What is your character Polina like?

- Polina has a difficult relationship with her parents, with her classmates - she is bullied at school... She is an interesting and complex character at the same time.

At first, Polina is a cute girl in a soft pink sweater, with a gentle blush and curls.

But then her image changes radically.

The viewer will see her from an unexpected side.

Eva Shevchenko-Holovko in the series "Cold"

- How did you prepare for the project?

- First of all, it was necessary to understand the course of her thoughts.

Together with the director Yevhen Chernyshov, we very carefully "laid out" Polina's portrait, down to the smallest detail.

It made it easier for me to work on the site.

When I recorded the self-tests, I also tried to let her story go through me.

I drew parallels with my 13-year-old self and tried to understand what I could be like at 17. It was very interesting!

I have one character, but in fact I played two different people.

- Which scene do you like to remember filming?

- I love the scene when Polina stands on the river bank and says goodbye to everything that connects her with her former life.

A very emotional moment.

Eva Shevchenko-Holovko in the series "Cold"

- One of the reasons why Polina goes to a desperate act is bullying at school.

Have you ever faced something like this?

- It happened... that's why this topic resonates with me.

I don't understand how you can bully a person because of their preferences, appearance or status.

We don't always have the strength and courage to face it, so the support of loved ones or friends is very important.

In London, where I am currently studying, I was received very warmly and kindly.

When I first came to the British school, I was asked a lot about Ukraine, about what is happening in our country, about the people, the language, about everything.

But, to be honest, there were also those who did not even know that Ukraine is an independent state.

I had to explain the difference between Ukraine and Russia "on my fingers".

Eva Shevchenko-Holovko in London

- The series was supposed to be released in 2022, but the premiere had to be postponed due to the beginning of a full-scale invasion.

How has your life changed during this time?

- A lot has changed.

The war made all children grow up a lot, and I am no exception.

Now a different attitude to many things.

London is not only the "capital of the Great Britain", but also one of the largest multicultural cities on the planet.

A huge number of people of different nationalities and origins live here, and everyone brings something different.

I love it.

Of course, with the beginning of my studies at the local school, my environment has also changed, new friends and acquaintances have appeared, and I keep in touch with my Ukrainian friends, although they have become much fewer.

- Do your classmates know that at the age of 15 you are a famous actress in Ukraine and have more than 40 projects?

How do they react to your success in the film industry?

- No matter how strange it sounds, knowing how much I like to talk, but no, I did not tell my classmates about my projects.

I think most of them have no idea about this experience of mine.

It was important to me that first my new friends saw me as a person, found out who I am.

Therefore, many of my classmates still do not have access to my Instagram, for example.

But this does not apply to people who are related to the theater and film industry - here I want to share what I know and learn new things.

Eva Shevchenko-Holovko

- Before the war, you had a busy schedule: filming, music school, vocals, modern choreography, learning Polish, French and English.

Are you currently acting in a movie?

- In fact, I really miss my tight schedule and I am glad that this is how a large part of my childhood was spent.

It was an incredible experience and I loved the activity.

Now the schedule has changed, I spend more time preparing for the exams and I am surprised to myself that I like the learning process so much, even persistence has appeared.

I was lucky enough to be filming here in London for a BBC one project.

My French came in handy (hello to my Ukrainian French teacher, Ms. Tatiana!).

It is a small role, but I believe that there are no small roles, everything starts small.

By the way, the filming process and principle of working abroad is very similar to ours, so it is easy for Ukrainian actors to adapt.

However, the process of casting, contracts, fees, documentary support is very different.

Eva Shevchenko in the BBC project

- And what about training?

How different is the Ukrainian education system from the English one?

- I feel that it is important.

I would adopt many things for Ukraine.

This is a system of student selection of subjects, and division into groups according to the level of complexity, presentation of material in an interesting interactive form, and at the same time a serious discipline.

Of course, students violate it, but there are rules, they are clear and the same for everyone, there is a system of fines and incentives, in particular material ones.

I was happy to get some pocket money at the end of the term to go on a field trip and to a play at the theater as an incentive for doing well.

- Many people say that Ukraine appears less and less in the news of foreign media.

Do you notice it?

Are there still peaceful actions in support of Ukraine in Great Britain?

- Great Britain supports Ukraine at the official level, and not only that.

You can often see our flags on buildings, people with Ukrainian symbols on their clothes.

I always approach people like that and say that we are grateful for the support and really appreciate it.

But I think you are right.

Indeed, there has been less information in the mass media - the main newspapers in England are no longer shouting about our war, and the majority are beginning to treat the news about shelling in Ukraine as something ordinary.

When people ask me: "Well, are you better there?", I want the whole world to open its eyes and help us stop the terrorist country.

We need to draw even more attention to Ukraine, organize more rallies around the world, invite famous politicians and stars more often, because they have an influence on people's opinions, and people have an influence on the governments of their countries.

Eva Shevchenko-Holovko

- Earlier you admitted that you live two lives.

What did you mean?

- It's hard to explain... It's like when you cry in your room, but you go out to everyone with a smile.

When I went on a school trip to France with my class last year, I caught myself thinking that I was having fun with everyone and being happy, but at the same time

I feel that I am ashamed of this in front of people who are now in Ukraine.

When something interesting happens to me and I want to share it on social media, I always think about whether it will hurt someone who is currently in danger.

It's like you have two lives: one is my painful personal life, and the other is where I'm just a schoolgirl with a carefree life.

- In March 2022, you wrote very sincerely about the Ukrainian actor Pasha Li, who tragically died in Irpen.

You called him your teacher and friend.

How did you meet him?

How do you remember Pasha?

- We met at the dubbing course, he taught us acting skills.

All the students were delighted with him, his eyes lit up, he was absolutely in love with the theater.

We developed a very cool relationship, he was my teacher and friend, we talked a lot, he shared acting secrets with me, and I took a lot from him.

Pasha directed the play "The Little Prince", where I played the role of the Fox.

When you spend a lot of time with a person at rehearsals, you become like family.

This is no longer work, this is family.

Pasha did not surprise me by the fact that he went to the volunteer headquarters from the first days of the full-scale invasion - he could not have done it any other way.

Pasha was very proud that he was Ukrainian.

He is a Hero.

- Are your relatives in Ukraine now?

How do they survive shelling?

How often do you see each other?

- I am constantly in touch with my family.

I call everyone at least twice a week, and I try to call my dad every day.

I am the only child in the family, I have always been the only granddaughter for my grandparents, and I felt very good about it - they saved all the best for me.

Therefore, to be honest, the distance is difficult for me, there is nothing to say, sometimes I give up.

In such situations, my family helps me, who show by example that one cannot give up.

It is with great pain that I read the news every day and I always feel sad when it is disappointing.

- What motivates and inspires you today?

- Ukrainians, my family, the Armed Forces are what shows that we will survive the darkest day and our fortune-tellers will die like dew on the sun.