Member of the Committee on National Security, Defense and Intelligence, People's Deputy Fedir Venislavsky said that in the new draft law on


, the committee rejected the rule on seizing the bank accounts of evaders, but supported the rule on the ban on driving a vehicle if the conscript does not update his military records data, does not register, ignores subpoenas.   

He told about this in an interview with "RBK-Ukraine".

The People's Deputy noted that the members of the committee are currently considering 4,000 amendments by deputies before the second reading of the draft law.

Norms of restriction of constitutional rights and freedoms cause the most discussions. 

"Regarding the restriction of an individual's right to drive a vehicle: if he does not update his military registration data, does not register, ignores summonses, etc., we reached a consensus that in one way or another this restriction may remain in the draft law. Regarding the blocking of funds on accounts, monetary assets, etc. - we in the committee rejected this norm," said the deputy.

According to him, it is unlikely that the rule on seizure of accounts will make it to the final version of the law." 

The option of increasing fines for evading mobilization is also being considered.

 "But it is already a question for the law enforcement committee, how it will consider the strengthening of sanctions in the Code of Administrative Offenses in terms of responsibility for failure to fulfill one's duty regarding mobilization and mobilization training. And this will already be in the complex, already after we go to the final version of this draft law," summarized Fedir Venislavskyi.

It will be recalled that

Venislavsky said whether the clause on electronic subpoenas will be left in the draft law on mobilization.